Appetizers To Share
    • Guacamole Freshly made, chunky jalapeno, avocado guacamole. Crisp torilla chips.
    • Jalapenos Rellenos De Queso Crispy, fresh jalapeno chiles suffed with Pineland Farm's Monerey Jack cheese. Black bean-tomato puree, Mexican crema, avocado, tomato & fresh cilantro.
    • Taquitos De Pollo Crispy rolled tacos filled with tender chicken, tequila infused poblano pepper, black beans and local artisan cheese. Tomato-black bean puree, roasted tomatillo salsa, Mexican crema & cilantro.
    • Tres Sopes A tasting of three of our golden masa bites with a variety of fillings and sauces including tender chicken with mole poblano sauce, chipotle pork wih pickled red onions and tomato jalapeno sauce nd black bean wih salsa Mexicana, queso fresco and our golden equila poblano straws.
    • Tres Salsa A tasting of our fire-roasted green tomatillo salsa, Zapoteca tomato-serrano salsa and salsa Mexicana. Crisp torilla chips.
    • Mejillones Al Tequila Swee local mussels prepared in our wood oven and simmered in a broh of chipotle butter, white wine, Mexican chorizo, tomao, jalapeno and cilantro. Finished table-side with a shot of tequila.
    • Taquitos De Puerco Golden, crunchy tacos filled with slow cooked chipotle pork, ancho chile adobo, arisan jack cheese and swee caramelized onions. Simmered tomato-jalapeno sauce, serrano scented waercress and queso fresco.
    • Queso Fundido Con Champinones Melted local arisan jack cheese, fire roasted in our wood oven with a variety of aromaic mushrooms and dark Mexican beer. Fresh tortilla chips or grilled white corn tortillas.
    • Ceviche Veracruzano Fresh whie fish marinated in tangy lime juice with tomato, jalapeno, manzanillo olives and avocado. Fresh tortilla chips.
    • Ceviche De Langosta Steamed fresh Maine lobster mixed with grapefruit salsa, fresh lime, sweet red onion, mango and guava. Fresh tortilla chips.
    • Coctel De Zapoteca Steamed sweet Maine shrimp and calamari tossed with lime, orange, habanero chile, avocado, jicama, red onion & cilantro. Fresh tortilla chips.
    • Ceviche Trio A sampling of all three of our house ceviches. Fresh tortilla chips.
    Soups and Salads
    • Ensalada Mexicana Fresh greens, spicy chile croutons, pickled red onions, queso fresco, avocado, fresh Mexican chorizo, adobo glazed chicken, sweet red tomatoes, chipotle garlic dressing.
    • Sopa Azteca Tender chicken breast, pasilla chile broth, crispy tortilla strips, artisan jack cheese, toasted pasilla chiles, cilantro, avocado and lime.
    • Sopa De Langosta, Tomate Y Jalapeno Crema Fire roased tomaoes & jalapenos blended with Mexican crema & topped with cilantro and bits of local Maine lobster.
    • Ensalada De Avocado Frita Golden breaded avocado and jalapeno slices, crisp greens, cilantro, buttermilk-jalapeno dressing.
    • Enchiladas De Cangrejo Y Camarones Wood oven roasted enchiladas filled with crab and smoky chipotle Maine shrimp. Creamy green chile sauce, black beans, cilantro scented ensalada.
    • Enchiladas Suizas De Pollo Wood oven roasted enchiladas filled with tender chicken breast & local artisan jack cheese. Creamy fire-roasted tomatilla sauce, black beans & guajillo ensalada.
    • Enchiladas De Pollo Mole Poblano Wood oven roasted enchiladas filled with tender chicken breast and topped with our rich, house-made Mole Poblano sauce. Sesame seeds, black beans, & guajillo scented ensalada.
    • Relleno de Champinones Fire roasted poblano pepper filled with aromatic mushrooms, jalapenos, tomatoes, roasted pumpkin seeds and tangy goat cheese. Serrano chile salsa & black beans.
    • Enchiladas de Puerco Wood oven roasted enchiladas with adobo glazed pork, sweet caramelized onions & local artisan Monterey jack cheese. Tomato habanero sauce, Mexican crema, Yucatan pickled red onions, black beans, ensalada.
    • Relleno de Puerco Chorizo & pork tinga stuffed fire-roased poblano pepper. Queso fresco, tomato-habanero sauce & black beans.
    • Pescado Con Chilpachole Seared whitefish roasted in our wood oven served atop our version of a Mexican subtly spiced seafood stew of saffron, ancho chiles, mussels, tiger shrimp, chorizo and sweet tomatoes.
    • Pescado A La Veracruzano Seared local whitefish prepared in our wood oven and topped with a Veracruz style sauce of tomatoes, manzanilla olives & raisins. Pickled jalapeno and carrots.
    • Ancho Filet Con Champinones Local all natural file of beef, aromatic mushrooms, ancho chipotle sauce and queso fresco. Rustic garlic chipotle mashed potatoes.
    • Carnitas de Puerco Tender, golden carnitas of pork shoulder topped with tomato chile sauce, pickled red onions and avocado. Black beans, ensalada and freshly grilled tortillas.
    • Carne Asada Con Chimichurri De Mexico Local Pineland Farm's all natural rib eye, lime, fresh oregano-cilantro salsa. Rustic garlic chipotle mashed potatoes & seasonal vegetable.
    • Carne Asada Con Salsa Roja Local Pineland Farm's all natural rib eye steak marinated in lime-green chile sauce. Fire roasted salsa, black beans & guacamole.
    • Costillas De Cerdo A half rack of tender pork ribs slow roasted and steamed with Mezcal. Finished in our wood oven & glazed with spicy agave morito sauce. Rustic garlic chipotle mashed potatoes and black beans.